Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Your Moms Couponing

Let me first start off by saying that I know that living in Ephraim you don't really get your choice of to many stores to shop at, BUT Walmart does match pricing on advertised sales. I also know that there aren't many ads that come to this small town either, BUT I am pretty sure that there are family and friends that can mail you ads from up north, or you can make a visit up north. I also know that there aren't many coupons that show up in the mailbox AND most don't get the newspaper, BUT there are tons of coupons that can be found online and if you have a printer than you are set!! Also if you have a computer and a laptop (or two) then you can maximize your coupon printing!
Now I know that couponing sounds really lame and to much work and its not worth it, BUT YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!!!!!
I had a food 4 less ad and I live in a place where there is a food 4 less store, but walmart will match! All of this stuff would have cost me $27.16 with tax. ( 8 lbs of hot dogs or 8 packages, 1 lb of ham lunch meat, 2 packages of 16 count pads, 4 bottles of Shampoo/Conditioner, 4 female deodorants, 4 male deodorants) I however shopped the sales and used coupons that I had printed off of the internet.

I only ended up spending $3.16 with tax :)
Surprised? Well let me tell you that I had 4 computers that I printed from to get a total of 8 $2 off coupons for the farmer john hotdogs. Most sites will only allow for 2 coupons per item to be printed from one computer. The hot dogs were on sale for $0.98. Which meant that the rest of the money was being used for other items. ( Most stores have coupon policies that will not allow them to give you cash back or in store credit, but it does allow you to use the rest of the discounts for the same transaction.) I also had $1.50 off of the ham and 2- $1.50 off of two right guard deodorants. The deodorant was 10 for $10. The shampoo and conditioner was 2/$3 and with each bottle of shampoo/conditioner you got a free degree deodorant. I also was able to get the pads for $0.70 because I had coupons as well.
Now to be honest, I don't like pads, I prefer tampons. However if there was an emergency such as I ran out of tampons, the store sold out because there was some kind of natural disaster, or someone needed something super absorbent to stop bleeding then I would use them (great to put in first aid kits!!!), and since they were free after I had used coupons of course I will take them.
Now not every shopping trip is as great as this was, but I have also gotten free shampoo and conditioner at Walmart in the travel size section because I had used a coupon that did not exclude travel sizes. Look at the coupons you are using and see what it does or doesn't exclude. You will be amazed at the things you can get, even clearance items!!! Those are my favorites.
Another thing, if you ever make it up north Target is a great store to shop at as well. Target's website has store coupons. These store coupons can be combined with manufacture coupons and you get double the discounts! For example here is a target coupon and a manufacturer coupon.

I can save $2 on this toothpaste.
I love coupons and it is my way of helping make our dollar spread, because we aren't the richest people and because I don't work so we live off of one income.
OH P.S. I use to hate the Parent's Choice (walmart brand) diapers with a passion, but they are new and improved like the box says and they are WAY WAY cheaper than the other brands. I save at least 4 dollars on every box that I buy and I get the same amount.

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